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Andrey Gorbunov

Andrey Gorbunov was born in 1979 in the city of Dzerzhinsk. He is a graduate of the Nizhniy Novgorod art school and the St. Petersburg Art and Industry Academy named after Muhina. Since 2006 the artist has been teaching at the department of monumental and decorative painting of the Academy. The artist’s priority is contemporary art. He works in different techniques. Since 1997 he has been engaged in active exhibition activity. Andrey Gorbunov is the participant of many group and personal exhibitions. His works can be found in private and museum collections in Russia, England and the USA. The artist currently lives and works in St.-Petersburg.

“…The mental position in Gorbunov’s works is very active. The anthropologic factor in his works is rather objective than subjective. Gorbunov is fully concentrated on body representation without any sign of symbiosis of anthropologic stripe. What is more, this is a representation which saves the memetics – but in mode of mental mediations. This transparent readability and the mediacy are by nature a pattern of search articulation. The artist often uses an appropriation: the scientificity is provided by means of corresponding signs, symbols, charts and even tools. However he has his own special graphical technique. Gorbunov creates a graphic of heraldic stripe – the generalized drawn symbols seeming to secure the search area…” (Alexander Borovsky, 2017)