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Personal and collective exhibitions:

1997 – 1999 г. – participation in city and regional exhibitions in Nizhni Novgorod.
1997-1998гг. – was a member of Dzerzhinsky creative association “Others” and participated in a number of the exhibitions organized by this association.
1999г. – a personal exhibition in the Nizhniy Novgorod Teacher’s club
2007г. – «A chair life», Gallery DiDi (St.-Petersburg)
2007г. – “newest”, Gallery – studio №2 (the center of the modern art Winery, Moscow)
2008г. – «Memory of fields», the loft-project Floors (St.-Petersburg) – the project “Poslevkusie”.
2008г. – “DNA”, Gallery ART re.FLEX (St.-Petersburg)
2008г. – “neck”, Peter Belogo’s gallery–/LYUDA/(St.-Petersburg)
2008г. – «Smerti.net? », Gallery Victoria (Samara)
2009г. – «In search of the lost appendix», Gallery Navicula Artis (St.-Petersburg)
2009г. – «PINK DESIRES», Gallery Marina Gisich (St.-Petersburg)
2009г. – «It is Lyuda», the loft-project Floors (St.-Petersburg)
2009г. – «Art domination», Iskrasoft (St.-Petersburg)
2010г. – «The first installation», Modernariat Gallery (St.-Petersburg)
2010г. – the participant of the project “Hydroponics”, festival «Live Perm» (Perm)
2010г. – «Art-Moscow», Triumph Gallery (Moscow)
2011г. – «IMHO», Triumph Gallery (Moscow)
2011г. – «RENDER», Gallery Marina Gisich (St.-Petersburg)
2012г. – «ARCO Madrid», Gallery Marina Gisich (St.-Petersburg)
2012г. – «The Feast of Being», Gallery RUARTS (Moscow)
2012г. – « Revision DNA », Gallery ERARTA (London)
2012г. – «Those who do not hear the music, think the dancers are mad», Marina Gisich Gallery и Ural Vision Gallery (Ekaterinburg)
2013г. – «VIRUS», Gallery ERARTA (St.-Petersburg)
2014г. – «Contemporary drawing», Russian museum (St.-Petersburg)
2014г. – Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award nominees` exhibition, Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center (St.-Petersburg)
2014г. – «Art Paris Art Fair», NAMEGALLERY (St.-Petersburg)
2014г. – «VERTEX», Triumph Gallery (Moscow)
2014г. – «Moscow. Barocco», Triumph Gallery (Moscow)
2014г. – «The Other Capital. Contemporary Art of St-Petersburg today», Moscow Museum (Moscow)
2015г. – «Art Stage Singapore», Triumph Gallery (Moscow)
2016г. – «Mutual story», Ural Vision Gallery (Ekaterinburg)
2016г. – «Corpus: Anatomical Theater», Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts (St.-Petersburg)
2017г. – «The strengthening ribs», Ural Vision Gallery (Ekaterinburg)
2017г. – «Nepokoryonnych Prospect», Moscow museum of modern art (Moscow)
2017г. – «SAM FAIR», Street Art Museum (St.-Petersburg)

Works are in meetings:
The Museum of Modern Art of «Erarta» St.-Petersburg, Russia
In private collections of Russia, England and the USA