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Project Description

The yellowed medical surrealism with elements of breakdown and a sprinkling of cultural symbolism has been thought through to the last detail by the artist. The artist decided to portray not only the personal problems of the bodily but to delve deeper in to the historical context, to work with our heritage. Gorbunov notes that “a human being is incredibly self-sufficient, within a person there are spiritual, mental and physical answers and from a person one can find an infinite amount of source material”. To large canvases Gorbunov has affixed pages from medical textbooks of the early 20th century. The artist has covered these pages from medical textbooks with images reminiscent of medieval German engravings. On some, alongside the precise anatomical details, Gorbunov has drawn draped curtains and jumping devils. On others there are mannerist maidens, tattoos of skulls with wings and dragons’ tails, religious symbols – blessings, the all-seeing eye, the internet words FAQ, LOL, SUXX. Each work is covered with a thick, “historical” layer of yellow varnish.